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ROLEX 2020 - New Watches CONFIRMED for September 1st!

Out of the blue indeed.

With the entire globe going into lockdown this year, the world of watchmaking was one of the many industries that halted most of its usual business. From trade shows to watch releases to production – it all came to a halt. Some brands did what they could and kept the releases trickling out; some brands completely stopped everything, one of those brands being the rulers themselves, Rolex. After announcing that their novelties wouldn’t come out at all in 2020 the year seemed particularly bleak, but suddenly they announced their novelties would be released on the 1st of September, and here we are. So, what have Rolex decided to give us?

This year Rolex has devoted a significant amount of attention to two particular collections of theirs, the Submariner and, somewhat surprisingly, the Oyster Perpetual – their entry-level family.

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