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лазерная резка

Laser welding and soldering.

We use the most modern laser welding equipment to repair your jewelry, watch as we work in all precious metals including steel, gold and platinum. Moreover, you can trust us to repair Your favorite steel watch now!!! Let our experts in laser welding jewelry provide you with the best work the industry has to offer. The latest technology makes it possible to connect parts of products in a non-contact way, so that even with a multiple increase in the place of soldering, it is impossible to determine the place of soldering.



Heating temperture

Comparing to traditional soldering, laser soldering doesn't heat the piece of jewelry, so as a consequence doesn't deform. This is good news for fragile stones, moving parts, and jewellery that has a patina or has been enameled, i.e. heat sensitive materials. Moreover, our soldering method doesn't weaken the soldering area.

Weld metals with different metallurgical

Absolutely the best method of repairing or restoring Jewellery or watch whatever material it is made off - gold, stainless steel or titanum! Lasers can weld dissimilar metals 
or metals with different metallurgical
 properties. So welding, say, a platinum and 18 karat ring is no problem for a laser welder. A laser beam as small as .01 mm focuses directly on to the soldering area. 

Metal structure unchanging method

Repairing gold jewelry there was always question if the quality of the gold will be lowered. This question was actual using old soldering methods. Laser welding is absolute innovation - as during repairing jewelry piece the compound of metal doesn't change.


Fast repairing service

Laser welding is a new technology which speed up the time it takes to repair jewelry items, which took a lot of time in the past. 


Watch workshop


Jewelry workshop


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